The SUSU Healing Collective's mission is to offer an affirming space for people to practice community reciprocity; The act of giving from a place of abundance and receiving  from a place of deep love and reverence while learning how to engage in community practices that dismantle systems of oppression and build systems of health, healing, wellness, and magic. The SUSU centers the voices, healing, and experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and is committed to creating safer spaces for people to release trauma patterns of white supremacy, oppression, colonization, and westernized disconnection. We offer programs for all people who are ready and willing to begin or continue the path of transformation through accountability, connection, and spiritual practice. 


Practicing Reciprocity

Dismantling systems of oppression 


Magik as medicine

Centering practices, beliefs, & value systems of the diaspora

Self love, Self care, Self liberation

Healthy black narratives

Resistance thru plants, practice, and connection

Creating safer spaces

Supporting black stewardship & empowerment

Healing together

Practicing anti burnout & pro self preservation


Amber, Naomi, and Lysa co curated The SUSU Healing Collective to meet the needs of their commUNITY by offering their gifts in ways that feel nourishing, abundant, and healing. They believe that in order to change systems we must start first within ourselves, our families, our communities, and thus impacting our culture as a whole. They all offer their unique practices, life experiences, and offerings in a way that empowers individuals and creates cultures of abundance and reciprocity. To learn more about Amber, Naomi, and Lysa explore their bios here.


The SUSU offers classes, workshops, individual sessions,

community gatherings, and a botanica of magikal items

for healing and ritual. Our practitioners offer Somatics, Yoga,

Moon Circles, Ritual Making Workshops, Classes,

Private Sessions, Trainings, and more.

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 Ready to step into the light and transform with us?

Please review our safer spaces page before coming to the SUSU.


Ready to embody your light and transform with us?

Please review our safer spaces page before coming to the SUSU.