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Pronouns: She/Her/We/Us 

We are deeply intertwined. 

There is no separation between you and I. 

Our freedom is bound up and unified.

You will never be free

without deep reverence and connection

From the collective that holds you,

to the ancestors that guide you,

& the earth that feeds you

Where our souls collide, the ego subsides and we can finally see…

We, Us, Ours is our ashe, our divine, our liberation and our UNITY .

-Amber Arnold


Amber is a manifester of abundance, community, and self-love as acts of collective liberation, resistance and reciprocity. 

She creates sacred containers to practice co healing from trauma & dis-ease with roots in: 

Sound as connection

Ancestral Somatics

Plant spirit medicine

Earth-based Ritual & Ceremony

Embodied movement & breath work

Magic workings & more

Amber has apprenticed under beautiful beings  in Sound Healing, Cultural Somatics, Somatics, Ra Sehki, Kemetic Yoga, Trauma Conscious Yoga, Plant Spirit Medicine, and more.  She works as the Media, Communications and Community Outreach Adviser for the Clemmons Family Farm, One of the largest African American owned heritage and cultural farms in Vermont. Amber is also the founder of Sacred Vibrations Sound Healing that offers various services including mindfulness based programming for children with acute needs aka equity based community in action.  She has a background in Racial and Healing Justice and has been part of many transformative systems of change.

She is deeply rooted in her vision of healing through community and everyday magic hiding in plain sight. She creates spaces that calm the nervous system, invite curiosity, and allow for abundance, deep connection, and co-regulation. Amber follows the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance of her ancestors who through pain, liberation, and resilience paved the way for her to offer seeds of connection and healing within communities. Amber believes in the power of co healing and supports people embody empowerment and explore the tools needed to self + co heal and move through trauma patterns that manifest as dis-ease, sickness, disconnection, and mental imbalance.


Sometimes there is dissonance between language & experience. 

The practices and traditions she offers resonate deeply through experience. 


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