BIG Heart Offerings:

  • BIG Heart Stillness Meditation​

  • Yoga/movement

  • Individual Counseling & Coaching 

  • Family/Group Counseling & Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Consultation

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. 

  -Thich Nhat Hahn


BIG Heart Practice with Lysa Mosca, MA

Lysa offers guidance to support  personal, relational, and collective wellness to enliven connection with self, each other, and our world  that is grounded in gentle friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy & acceptance.  

Lysa offers trauma informed and harm reducing therapeutic coaching and counseling for families, groups, and individuals.

Together we support the body/mind/heart to care for the nervous system and identify one's own discomfort, joy, and aliveness!  We move toward loving and compassionate communication.  BIG Heart practices invite connectedness and belonging as foundational medicines to the human heart and hurt.


Deep listening practices, reflective practices (sound, movement, stillness-mindfulness, expressive art, co-creative space) exploration of our human condition, trauma+oppression, substance use + mis-use, altered and extreme states of mind/being, grief + loss, and exploration of relationship in everyday living. 

We exist in an interconnected web of life, and with access to co-creative support, love, and engaged reflection we have a tendency toward wholehearted living and being. We are infinite in our capacity for love and care for ourselves, each other, and our world.


We exist in a culture that promotes self improvement at the expense of relational and collective wellness.  Trauma is often rooted in oppression in other words the preconditions for mental health challenges.  Western mental health therapeutic models often view individual people as problems in need of fixing and are embedded in systems of power that  reinforce isolation and alienation. 

Deep listening is an act of love and care for self, each other, and our wider world. That some mental health offerings tend toward pathology which is mainly concerned with the causal study of disease or “what’s wrong with you or me?” BIG Heart seeks to explore the experience of dis-ease as a normal and natural experience of our human condition and the relationships  with which we are interconnected. Deep despair is a natural response to the conditions of our worlds.

BIG Heart seeks to honor and recognize the interconnected web of human experience, co-created beliefs and values about the diverse meanings and experiences of being human. BIG Heart views repair, connection, and belonging as practical medicine for separation, loss, and isolation. 

Mental health, psychiatry, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical companies are embedded in a framework of colonialism and white supremacy that  are inextricably linked to a pathological framework of identified symptoms that are named and diagnosed toward a plan to fix the broken human being. BIG Heart believes this approach reinforces the very ‘illness’ it seeks to eradicate.  BIG Heart does not use the DSM to diagnose and therefore can not accept insurance.  BIG Heart sessions are freely offered and based on social/economic needs.  At the end of each session we take a moment to reflect on your experience and you may at that time make an offering of generosity based on the economic and social conditions of your life. 

Lysa has found that profound healing and learning happen when authenticity and wholehearted living collide in communion with each other.  Lysa's daily practice is grounded in the Insight Meditation tradition, somatic movement, and engaged living.  Her orientation is aligned with generative somatic practices.  Lysa's first love and language is art making which informs her understanding of the human experience.  Lysa earned a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology from Goddard College with a focus on Liberation Theology and Radical Psychology.  She is oriented toward viewing the human experience as vast and expansive and not to be codified by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM. Distress is a basic human experience.  Lysa is oriented toward a social justice anti oppression view of our human experience and engages in continuous learning to understand  the web of systemic oppression and movement toward relationship that is based in love and care.  Lysa believes that it is to everyone’s benefit to have access to practices that promote compassionate care, love, and healing.  Lysa's ongoing practice is an act of radical collaborative reflection and restoration of our human hearts.

May you have happiness and ease.

May you cultivate an open and spacious heart.

May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May you be loved and cared for.