• Classical yoga-informed movement

  • Meditation classes

  • Slow and gentle restorative movement 

  • Energy medicine healing sessions

  • Tuning forks

  • Herbal consults done in the folk tradition

  • Herbal education

  • Divination and tarot reading

  • Lunar-based healing circles

  • Basic apothecary services

  • Basic rootwork

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Naomi Doe Moody is a black-identified, multiracial, non-binary queer femme offering an array of healing services that include yoga-based movement, meditation, social justice work, sound, plants, divination, hoodoo, and root work. They originally hail from Boston, MA and currently reside on unceded Abenaki land (what is now called Vermont) with their son, partner, and beloved dog Ziggy.


Over the past decade Naomi has completed over 1000 hours of Western yoga training, received formal herbal education through the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, and studied under master herbalist Sade Musa of Roots of Resistance. Throughout that time, they have worked as a gardener, herbalist, conjurer, mystic, and second level reiki practitioner (currently working on levels 3-4). Their work with divination, oracle cards, and tarot can be traced back to their teen-aged days.


Naomi’s work with plants began as a child under the guide of their mother, who was a self-trained master gardener. “Everything I’ve gleaned from her regarding plants I learned through watching. The rest of my knowledge I owe to the plants and to my ancestors.” This deep gratitude continues to inform their work. 


For Naomi, this connection and devotion to working with plants as healing allies comes from a need to not only heal the intergenerational traumas of their enslaved ancestors, but to also reconnect to knowledge that was stolen from these ancestors and help mend damage, and right the wrongs, inflicted upon them and the indigenous folks whose land we occupy.  


Naomi’s work is based in community care. They are a co-founder and former co-facilitator of Seed, Root and Bloom, Boston’s first herbal education program designed exclusively for BIPOC folx. They have continued that work in Southern Vermont with the Radicle Community Herbal Allyship and the forth-coming Susu Healing Collective. They are also a co-founder and co-facilitator of the Rebel Womxn, a collective that creates and hosts affinity gatherings for femme-identified BIPOC women and gender non conforming folx. 

As a member of both The Root Social Justice Center and the Brattleboro BIPOC Caucus, they are deeply involved with healing justice work in the state of Vermont and beyond. 


It is Naomi’s belief that people can heal themselves with the assistance of a “self-healing helper”, a title they’ve lovingly adopted when describing the healing work they do.  “I don’t believe others can heal us,” says Naomi, “I believe that only we can heal ourselves, but these journeys require an experienced guide.” 


Naomi’s message to those seeking healing is simple: 


i am here to help and guide you as you navigate your very own, very personal, healing journey.


i am ready to share what i have received


i am ready to teach


i know this because, finally,

you have appeared