a 7 month herbal educational program for people of color who are actively seeking to reconnect with nature and the wisdom of their ancestors as a way to support healing for themselves and their communities

​align with the wisdom of the plants


this program is for you if:


•you are bipoc 

•you are looking to support healing for yourself and your community

•you want to learn about and center the folk medicine practices of the african diaspora

•you want to protect native plants from over consumption

•you want to get down with the wild+weedy local plants

•you believe in slow medicine

•you would rather know 40 uses for one plant than one use for 40 different plants

•you are interested in folk medicine and the wild womxn traditions

•you understand traditional ecological knowledge (tek) is a science in its own right

•you believe granny/auntie/abuela knowledge is invaluable

•you are seeking a complement to your other healing practices


this program is not:



•a replacement for medical knowledge

•for non-poc

•an apprenticeship


why ally-ship not apprenticeship?


this program is designed to be a collaboration between the facilitators, the participants and the plants themselves

unlike other teaching models, we are not seeking mastery over anything or anyone but instead exploring what it can mean to be in right relationship with the natural world just outside our doors

there is currently no national governing body that oversees the certification of herbal practices and therefore there is no actual thing as a “certified herbalist” in western terms

choose the program with objectives that are most in alignment with what you want to learn and a teacher that you resonate with and can trust

know that self study is a valid way to learn to work with plants and ultimately the most radical

the radicle community herbal ally-ship holds space for you to learn and keep what works for you and put the rest aside

naomi’s goal as a facilitator is to act as a guide when you are navigating unfamiliar territory and to share the knowledge they have received from their own journey


In-person classes include:

•community building via talking circles

•journeys/meditations with native or naturalized plant allies

•building a materia medica (collection of plant profiles)

•body systems and subtle anatomy

•folk method of medicine making

•lectures on special topics

•discussion of spiritual and magical practices

•ancestral medicine shares

•plant id and urban plant walks

•optional basic gardening and rural plant walks

(participants are welcome to attend plant walks and harvesting meet ups with naomi at their home at the Gaia School of Healing on the day before class each month

attendance is encouraged but not required)


in-person classes will be partially recorded so that individuals who prefer to work at home or who are limited by distance, mobility or other factors can participate

additionally, distance participants can connect with the facilitator and each other via monthly 2.5 hour calls (one evening a month)


self study modules include:

•video recordings of plant ally meditations and ancestral journeys, medicine making and materia medica

•links to articles, essays, plant profiles and videos

•an elder speaks: readings and writings by poc elders of the healing community

•plant profile templates

•articles written by naomi on special topics

•ethnobotany and profiles of plants of the african diaspora

•lineage/ancestral plant study

•projects and homework assignments


final project and ceremony:

the last class is an opportunity to share your final project(s) with each other as well as to complete our time together as a circle with an optional closing ceremony at naomi’s home on the Gaia School lands