The SUSU Healing Collective is a safer space to practice embodying the culture, structures, values, and ways of being that we are actively manifesting within our commUNITY. These systems are inherently abundant in nature, rely on the wisdom, stories, and resilience of our ancestors, reflect and center equity, justice, and liberation for our people, and support us in embodying these truths in ourselves, our families, our commUNITY, and society as a whole.

In our work and experience we have found that there are many spaces to learn about what and how racism and white supremacy show up, what they do to our people and our communities, and why we should dismantle these systems. What we haven't found much of is the how to  and the sustainable practice of embodying a new culture and a new way of being that inherently dismantles structures of inequity, racism, and white supremacy while allowing us to create new cultures for the next generation and our communities in a way that protects our nervous systems, heals generations of trauma and cycles of dis-ease, and provides nourishment to communities that have experienced marginalization and oppression. We are committed to not perpetuating systems of harm and oppression but to creating the systems we envision for future generations in real time.

Because we are not a Racism 101 space but a practice embodiment space, it is crucial to the safety and protection of our people that folx who come into this space commit to and understand the following;

  • This space was created & designed for people actively doing the work to identify and uproot white supremacy that shows up in their own bodies and the spaces they inhabit

  • We welcome people at all stages of this process and offer opportunities for learning for folx that are new to this way of embodiment, but it is ultimately your responsibility to continue to practice and learn deeper. We can provide resources for further learning if needed. 

  • BIPOC people in the space are not responsible for educating white folx on white supremacy, their experience, the harm they feel, etc. 

  • This is a space to embody rather than just discuss anti racism/pro liberation.

  • You are responsible for your emotional experience in this space. You may always ask for what you need/ support, and taking responsibility for your experience in relation to potential harm is yours to hold. Please work to develop healthy relationships to support you in this process...this is a space to build relations of reciprocity!

  • This is a space to create new cultures that actively create collective healing, commUNITY resilience and abundance, equity, liberation and everything we envision for the "future" but often don't know how to embody. For this reason it is imperative that we all actively practice uprooting white supremacy that often keeps us from experiencing these realities. 

  • We believe unintentional harm is just as harmful as intentional harm. We center BIPOC voices in this space and if harm is caused, we are committed to working thru it in real time regardless of what other activities we may be participating in.

Resources and recommended readings